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Local Learning Done Right.
A unique learning experience for youth in Montana's Madison Valley

always growing

Gardens, Resources, Outdoors, Wildlife, and Watershed

The GROWW Program was born out of a love of place, and a willingness to come together.  Read more about our community funding structure, and the history that continues to groww in Ennis and the Madison Valley.


We take pride in roots.

local connection

Students K-12 have opportunities to engage with the GROWW program throughout the school year, and during the summer growwing months.  Check out what we have been doing lately, and what is coming up in our rotation.

questions? excited to engage?  


Monica Berreman
GROWW Coordinator
PO Box 213
​Ennis, MT 59729
 Nichole Bailey
Good Thymes Camp Director
PO Box 213
​Ennis, MT 59729
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